Superfood Series: Camu Camu Powder – ‘Nature’s Multi-Vitamin’

Camu Camu Powder; What is it?

Living in the heart of the rain forest is a little berry, so rich in antioxidants and nutrients, it can’t be matched by any other naturally growing food. Camu camu powder is the newest powerfruit on the scene, and has been granted the nickname of ‘nature’s multivitamin’. This vitamin C-rich fruit can grow to around the size of a lemon, is orange/red in colour and has been used for decades for its healing properties.

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It is available to buy in powder form and here are some of the reasons why this Amazonian superfruit made it to our Superfood Series:

organic camu camu powder benefits

More vitamin C than any other food

Camu camu is famous for  being the most potent source of natural vitamin C in the world. It contains 60X more of this essential vitamin than oranges. That’s right, just one teaspoon of camu powder has 1180% of your RDA.

Vitamin C is essential because our body can’t make it naturally, so we have to get it from the foods we eat. There are many claimed benefits including prevention of chronic diseases, anti-aging, boosting our immune system and more.



The abundance of vitamin C which this fruit provides can keep our health in check. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, which can block inflammation and diseases which cause it from forming in our bodies. The vast array of other amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants in camu camu is amazing for reducing inflammation. It can help to repaid tendon, joint and ligament damage by producing collagen.

Building Muscle

This fruit may also make your strength training more worthwhile. The amino acid ‘Serine’ is present in camu camu, and it serves to break down the bonds in protein, so our body can use it. This is a superb addition to our fitness regime as the protein breakdown is essential for it to be used in muscle maintenance and growth.

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Mental Well-being

Aside from the physical benefits, camu camu powder has been found to support our mental well-being as well. It is number 2 on a list created by Dr Gary Null, for the holistic treatment of depression. Dr Null is a nutritionist and researcher nationwide, and it is theorized that it has the power to optimize brain chemistry because of its density in nutrients.
A balance of brain chemistry can do wonders for our mood, and vitamin C has been linked to an increase in seretonic, which is the feel-good neurotransmitter. This also can aid in sleep, improvement in memory and general mood. It has been used as a natural anti-depressant and has been known to alleviate symptoms in some people.


We’re not talking about cyber security here, but how camu camu powder can be great at keeping us healthy; it has the potential to stop us falling ill in the cold winter months. It contains Gallic acid, an antioxidant that has been found to contain anti-viral and ant-fungal characteristics. When we take camu camu, we are equipping our body with a better defence against infections. It also has been claimed to provide anti-herpetic activity (which means it can prevent herpes but still; don’t be silly, wrap your willy. Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool).

Reduce your risk of cancer

Evidence suggests that camu camu powder may help our body steer clear of cancer. This is because it is rich is flavonoids, which have been found to combat the disease. They are antioxidants which neutralize free-roaming radicals in our bodies.

Keep us looking younger

As mentioned above, camu is effective at preventing the breakdown of collagen. This is not only good for healthy joints and muscles, but also in keeping us looking youthful. Collagen is responsible for our skins elasticity and the breakdown of it is the cause of wrinkles.

High in nutrients

When we go on about how nutrient-dense camu camu powder is, it is for good reason. The combination of different antioxidants and vitamins mean that our bodies will be getting all of the goodness they want and need. This will help to keep us strong and healthy, so we can reap maximum rewards from working hard at the gym. The presence of potassium will keep your heart and kidney healthy, giving you a natural energy boost.
‘Leucine’ is important as it can help our bones and muscles grow and prevent tearing. Antioxidant rich foods are associated with keeping our hearts healthy and blood pressure low. Chia seeds are high in nutrients too.
benefits of camu berry

How to take it?

The camu camu berry can be rather sour, and the South American fruit can be taken in powder or capsule form. You can add this powder to other foods such as oatmeal or shakes and you should take around one teaspoon a week to give you a weekly health boost.
It is important to only take a small amount because of the high vitamin C content, overdoing it can be harmful to our digestive tract and kidneys.

Camu camu powder is more expensive than some of the other supplements or sources of vitamin C, but you are taking such a small amount and it is from a wholefood thus providing much more health benefits than pills in my opinion.

Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Camu Camu Powder 125g, Soil Association certified organic

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